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Posted on Sep 25, 2020

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Deposition FAQs

What is an examination before trial?

An examination before trial is also called an EBT or a deposition. It is a legal proceeding where both sides answer questions about their lawsuit under oath in front of a court reporter and lawyers. A transcript of the proceeding is made including all the questions and answers. All sides to the lawsuit are represented by attorneys but no judge or jury is present. Some of the questions and answers may become evidence in your case.

Why are examination before trials important?

Examinations before trial are important because it is an opportunity to devalue or lose your case. Lots of times a lawsuit is won or lost by what the parties say at a deposition. Careful and meticulous preparations are mandatory. Exactly how your accident happened and what your injuries, treatment and complaints are will be explored in excruciating detail during the proceeding. A good lawyer will carefully prepare you and guide you through the deposition.

What is the main purpose of the deposition?

The main purpose of a deposition is to evaluate the witness, explore the claims and defenses to the lawsuit and obtain missing information.

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